Features & Benefits

Real-time Activity |  Pre-booking | Secure Payments | Multiple-spot Management | Vehicle Access Control | Customizable Rates and Times | Ticket Management |  Parking Permits | Revenue Reports | Alerts and Email | Damage Tracking |  Document Uploads | Wishlist | Parking History


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Real-time Activity

Our parking software will give you up to the minute information of all parking spots available. AirPandP will let you look for parking spots available by proximity, showing you the rates and times for each parking space.


We offer the convenience of pre-paying and reserving your parking spot. Find the parking spot that fits your budget and know right away the distance to your destination. AirPandP will send you a confimation email along with your permit.

Secure Payments

AirPandP transactions are done through a highly secure, quick and user-friendly payment portal created by Stripe. Rest assured that your information will be protected and nothing will be disclosed or hold by us.

Multiple-spot Management

Own more than one parking spot that you are interested on renting? AirPandP gives you the option to control multiple parking spots in one single log-in. So simple and organized that you will find it is a breeze to keep track of all your transactions.

Vehicle Access Control

AirPandP likes things done right. All our customers are required to complete the owner verification by uploading house ownership / lease agreement, a proof of address issued by the government, and drivers license. 

Customizable Rates & Times

Go to Host a Spot and add your location. AirPandP will give you the freedom to choose the price you consider appropriate for your spot and add the periods of time that you want to rent it for. 

Ticket Management

Give your site auditor the option to review all of issued tickets and transactions either by accessing the current lot list or directly by scanning a specific code.

Parking Permits

Every person that books through AirPandP will be issued a parking permit with the time and location of the spot. As soon as a spot is rented it will be blocked on the specific time that person reserved it for.

Revenue Reports

Keep track of all your transactions, earnings and expenditures. You can download an excel sheet or CSV file that you can easily upload to Quickbooks or any other financing software. 

Alerts & Emails

AirPandP offers you the option to send notifications when a permit is about to expire. You can set your own reminders to give you time to complete your tasks. If you are not ready to leave you can buy more time 30 minutes in advance.

Damage Tracking

If accidents happen take a picture of the location and the damage and upload it immediately to our cloud under the section My Profile so that our systems validates the time and location.

Document Uploads

AirPandP facilitates having everything in one location by giving you own cloud storage where you can upload pictures and documents related to your parking matters.


AirPandP knows that there is always a time when you will like a space so much that you would like to have it ready for the future. By clicking in the heart you can save any location to your Wishlist and get quick access when you need it. 

Parking History

Get the parking lot history of all your properties by date or by property. You will be able to see a brief online report or download the full information as a CSV or excel file. AirPandP will display the parking history for the last 3 years.