Whether you want to rent a parking space for a day, a few hours or monthly, AirPandP has all the tools that you need to take control of your unused parking spots and make money. You will also be helping a wide number of individuals like you get a parking space right when they need it..

This is what AirPandP will do for you!

Save you time 

No more wasting time trying to find parking spots and paying at the machines. AirPandP will give you access to our parking database showing you the spots available by proximity, showing you the rates and times for each parking space.

Keep it organized

Everything is saved in one place with easy access to your records. Create a profile, manage your rentals, explore and save locations, send messages, and store files and pictures. AirPandP is here to save the day.

Send reminders

Avoid getting tickets and being late for meetings. With AirPandP you will have the flexibility to set your own reminders according to your specific day-to-day needs. 

Tag locations

Is there a spot that you really like?  AirPandP allows you create a Wish List of your favourite spots. This functionality will also make it easier to recognize when that spot is available.

Authenticate customers

AirPandP is committed to give you complete peace of mind. Everyone that wants to use our system is required to complete the owner verification, and present government issued IDs. 

Create an archive

We offer a safety net. AirPandP has dedicated a space where you will be able to access all your parking history and transactions for the last 3 years for your own accounting purposes. 

Help you connect

Communication is important, and so is safety. Inside the AirPandP app you will be able to keep in touch with your customers without disclosing any private/personal information.

Put money in your pockets

Host any parking spot you own; choose your own rate, times and terms. Pre-book and pay online from your computer or your phones. Buy additional time right on your mobile device.

Other Things You Should Know...

Fast, Easy Setup

AirPandP offers a cloud solution that allows us to get you up and running very quickly and gives you enough storage space for all your parking related data. You will be able to see your parking history, transactions, save your favourite spots, upload pictures, send messages, set reminders, and pay-on-the-go. Try it NOW!

Secure & Valuable

Our app uses the most trusted payment portals, so your information will remain confidential and extremely secure. Enjoy the piece of mind that AirPandP can provide. Call us and let us teach you how you can monetize your empty space. Our offer: straight-forward pricing, no hidden fees and we do not make money until you do.

Tailored To You

We are here to help you gain back control of lost revenue with parking and monetize your unused parking spots. Have access to all your parking history, parking permits, revenue, alerts, transactions, etc. If there is something that we are missing just let us know and we will create it for you! 


Our success is largely attributed to the commitment to our customers. Is people like you that have the power to make this app work to its best. Sign with us and enjoy all the benefits that AirPandP is giving you. Learn More...