AirPandP offers a variety of tools, tips, and an online community to solve your questions and share ideas for success. You can contact us at +1 866-706-8476 , request a chat with us, or take a look at our Q&A here below.


How do I start using AirPandP?

Complete your profile with your name, email address, drivers license, make and model of your car(s) and start searching for spots.

How do I book a place on AirPandP?

Go to “Explore” to find the listing of places. Search on our map or type your destination. As soon as you touch any pin in our map you will be given the address, price, availability and estimated distance & time. Select it and see which periods are available. Choose the most convenient for you.

How do I host a spot?

Click on “Host a Spot”, complete the owner verification by uploading your house ownership or lease agreement, a proof of address issued by the government, and your drivers license.

Where is the information of the parking spot I booked saved?

“My Passes” is the section that will show you a list of all the parking spots you have booked, with date, time, name, and location.

How does this app help me with the time-management of my spot?

No matter what length of time you are booking a spot for, you will receive an email notification 10 minutes before your pass is about to expire. You can also extend the period of your reservation if you are not ready to leave, with a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your departure.

Can I saved a location that I really like?

Yes, just go to “My Wishlist” and add a location from our list. You can also click on the heart that appears on our listing when you are searching a spot and it will automatically appear in your wishlist.

How do reviews work?

As a costumer, you can leave reviews on the places you stayed in. Reviews are ranked by 1 to 5 stars of satisfaction and are limited to 100 words. When leaving a review, you must follow AirPandP Content Policy. You can edit your review at anytime. Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We can remove a review that we find violates our review guidelines.

As a host you can access your the reviews on “Host a Spot” section. If you find that a review you received doesn’t follow AirPandP Content Policy, you can contact us and ask us to review it and delete it.

What methods of payment does AirPandP accept?

We accept any major credit and debit cards as well as pre-paid credit cards, Google Wallet for Android and Apple Pay for iOS only. Note: Help us protect your personal information, do not agree to off-site payments, this may incur in fraud or other security issues.

Can I pay with any currency?

When you select your country and payment method on the checkout page, the currency in which you’d be charged will be automatically converted in our systems, and it will be clearly displayed before you confirm your reservation request. The base exchange rate is regulated by our country.

How do I reset my password?

To change or update your password or any other personal information, just log in to your AirPandP account, click on “My Profile” a choose edit. When you are done, click save.

Can I cancel my reservation?

AirPandP understands that there are occasional extenuating circumstances when you won’t be able to use your reservation. We all understand that the owner of the parking spot needs enough time to find a new costumer. You can cancel your reservation with at least 48hrs notice to receive a refund. Penalties may apply.

What should if my property or car is damaged?

AirPandP wants to help you keep everything organized and safe in one place. If accidents happen take a picture of the location and the damage and upload it immediately to our cloud under the section “My Profile” so that our systems detects the time. You can discuss the incidents with your host in the “My Messages” section. AirPandP only facilitates the searching and booking of spaces and is not liable for any of these incidents. We ask our renters to have their insurance up-to-date.